Reflections: 2016

I have a tendency to forget things. Literally forget them, to the point where I have to be reminded that they ever even happened. In order to write the companion post to this one ‘my year in review,’ I had to look back through social media and my sparsely written planner as prompts. This is something I really want to work on this year, so I have come to the conclusion that it happens for two main reasons;

1. Not appreciating moments/events for what they are and as they happen.

Otherwise known as living in the moment. I am dreadful for this. It’s not because I don’t appreciate being able to do exciting new things or spend time with loved ones, it’s because I am a complete worrier. I never allow myself to relax into a moment and just soak it all up and enjoy it for what it is. I am always worried about having to be up for work or making sure we get to the train/event/flight on time. I am so lucky to have had some of the opportunities I have in life. This last year was no exception. Not allowing myself to feel at ease is not only doing myself a disservice, but also those around me.

2. Plain old bad memory.

I really genuinely suck at remembering things. Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, general life events, the list goes on! This is not only bad in the sense that I can’t recall the positives in life, it also means I am constantly trying not to offend my friends and family. When they reminisce about a moment they hold dear, yet I need a detailed run down of what happened in order to recall the event.

They say that whenever you recall a memory, you are not remembering the event itself, but instead, you are remembering the time you last recalled it. So your memory of things will continue to alter slightly throughout your life. This may be why we so often have arguments over who said what or who was late to what or who initiated that conversation… This year I am going to try to write it all down. Not every single detail, just make a concerted effort to add a little something to my journal every night. This way, I hope to reflect, appreciate and cement moments in my life into my long-term memory so I can have a more positive outlook. Particularly during periods of time where I feel like I am doing nothing and going nowhere – we all have those right?

My goal is that a year from now, I should have a much more detailed and connected reflection of my experiences, that I can look back on and well and truly enjoy.

Just for the record, I’m not saying that I don’t remember anything. I mean its very difficult to not remember being thrown a surprise tea party or taking a trip to Barcelona for my Birthday, followed by watching my favourite person play Tomorrowland festival. Or the time a friend and I went to Leeds Festival for an hour, looked around and then ended up eating a Sunday dinner in the local pub. That’s some good shit right there! I just want to remember all of the little bits in between.

If you have written a post like this or fancy doing so I would love it if you sent me a link so I can see how your year went. Also, any tips on boosting memory skills would be greatly appreciated…

The companion blog post to this one, my ‘year in review’ documenting some of the highs (and lows) that 2016 brought can be found here.


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