Bullet Journal Monthly Setup for December

Bullet Journal Monthly Layout for December

It has been a while since I did a bullet journal update around here. If I’m completely honest, I had stopped keeping as up to date with it as I would like too. Therefore there hasn’t been much to show! As the month of December is often so busy, I thought it would be a great opportunity to jump back in and set everything up again. This way I can see if bullet journalling is a planning method I want to carry on within the New Year. I must say, so far I am enjoying using it again. It allows for a bit of creativity without being too time-consuming.

My set up is pretty similar to how I have had it in the past. I have found the layouts that tend to work best for what I do. Hopefully, you can find a little inspiration for your own journals if you need some new ideas.

November Summary

I always like to start my month off with a little summary or review of the previous month. It is a great way to check in with what I have or haven’t done. This then makes it easier to see what I need to be thinking about in the upcoming month to stay on track with my goals. I tend to focus on work, blog, personal and study related tasks. You don’t have to be incredibly strict with it, but it can really help to stop time wasting on aimless activities. Something I think we all have a tendency to do!

Monthly Cover Page

This is the little bit of fun and creativity part of my journal. I don’t always bother with it – or even have the time. When I do though it can be really therapeutic, plus it’s nice to look at! This particular cover page started off pretty sparse and minimal with a bit of holly and berries. I then went a tad overboard by adding lights and just ran with it. Happy with how it turned out in the end though. I also chose to use the lights as a theme to link the December pages which you will see further on.

Bullet Journal Monthly Layout for December

December Goals

A little like the November review, this is simply the area where I write what I would like to achieve in the month ahead. Again, it isn’t set in stone. I just find that when goals and aspirations are written down and you see them every day. It is easier to focus and work towards the specific milestones you want to reach.

Bullet Journal Monthly Layout for December

Habit Tracker

I have spoken a little about habit trackers before so if you would like to know more, you can read about them here. The post is all about why I use them and how motivating they can be. As it has been a little while since I last created one, I thought I would try and get back into the – well – habit! I have put quite a few things on it this month which may be a little over ambitious. But hey, its December so why not!

Bullet Journal Monthly Layout for December

Monthly Calendar Spread

This is pretty much a ‘does what it says on the tin’ page. I don’t always use this as much as I prefer the weekly pages, but find it useful to have should I need it. Often for appointments or things that aren’t set in stone. It stops things cluttering up space where I write my day to day tasks. I also keep a printed monthly calendar on my pinboard where I can always see it.

Bullet Journal Monthly Layout for December

Gift List

More of a fun one for the festive period! I don’t know how useful this will be but I thought I would give it a go, mainly to keep track of spending. I am going to try and write down who I need to buy for, what I would like to buy them and then how much it costs .This way I should be able to stay organised and on the budget!


In case you hadn’t gathered, I am attempting to do blogmas this year. (though this post is cutting it a little fine for today’s instalment!) Things are quiet on the freelance front right now. With the extra time, I thought I would put a little more effort in over here on the blog. I have a lot of content planned and have written all the posts I want to get up in my journal. The idea is it will keep me on track.

Bullet Journal Monthly Layout for December

Weekly Pages

This is the same layout I have been using for a while. It works the best for what I need day to day. Appointments and time sensitive tasks on the left. To-do list and general notes on the right. The only change I have made is by writing each weekly page out one after the other, rather than having journal pages in between. When I was writing them out every Sunday I often forgot and ended up having nowhere to write my appointments down and no time to set up the journal page. This way I have it all laid out and can just add in journal entries as and when I feel like it! Hopefully increasing my chances of maintaining my bullet journal.

Journal Pages

Last but not least are the journaling pages. These aren’t pictured as I don’t tend to add decoration. Just the date, followed by whatever I feel like writing. Having fallen out of the habit of journaling in the latter half of the year I am excited to start again. There was a good 6 month period at the start of 2017 when I was writing down something every single day. Although I don’t think this is sustainable for me personally, I do think 3-4 times a week would be beneficial. I always find that my thoughts are clearer when I make the effort to journal regularly. I am also going to try and mix in some morning pages practice as part of this. After all, the whole point of a bullet journal is having everything in one place!

If you haven’t tried the whole ‘feelings’ part of journalling (as appose to the planning apart) then I recommend giving it a go. It can be a strange thing at first if you are not used to writing down your thoughts. Just stick with it as it can be really helpful if you need to find a little perspective in life!

Resources and Tools Used:

Moleskine Dotted Notebook*

Tombow Brush Pens*

Staedtler Fineliners*

Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens*

Muji Metal Ruler

Rotring Compass (for cover page)*

Bullet Journal Monthly Layout for December

I would love to know if you have a bullet journal or are thinking of starting one. Share your experiences and favourite pages in the comments below or message me @lucylouminous on twitter.



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