Gift Guide Christmas | Technology and Coding Edition

It is not always easy to find a gift for the tech lovers in your life. Especially if you’re not terribly absorbed in the world of tech yourself. Now, of course, we are all multifaceted creatures who don’t all just like one genre of things. I personally, would love to receive the latest vitamin/gold/*insert cool ingredient* face mask as much as the latest coding book. However, the tech side of things can be a difficult one to buy for. Things are so often a little more expensive and when you are spending hard earned cash, you want to know it is worth it.

I have put together a mini gift guide for those computery/tech/gadget people in your life whoever they may be! There is something for everyone and at a range of budgets.

If you need even more inspiration check out Aly at Code Hippos post. She had some awesome ideas that I didn’t think of and some of the same too – but they really are classics!

1. Coding books HTML/CSS/javascript etc.

I have mentioned these before as they are two of my favourite books. I learnt a lot of my own code skills from them. Though any coding textbooks could help. Textbooks, in general, can be fairly expensive and if you know someone who is actively learning to code, some useful books would be a great gift.

2. Spotify gift subscription

A few months to a year’s worth of Spotify is a great option for someone who works in tech. It is a great way to discover new music and has thousands of instrumental and classical songs that are great for concentrating. Plus the extensive library for when you just want to listen to your favourite albums and artists!

3. Bellabeat Leaf Nature (or other fitness tracker)

I have mentioned the leaf in particular here as it is what I love and use. Any kind of wearable tech that helps you keep track of your activity level can make a great gift. I like the leaf in particular as it is essentially a piece of jewellery that can also be hidden if you wish. For anyone in your life who sits at a desk all day a fitness tracker can be a great way of motivating them to take care of themselves. Staying active is great for mental health and allows us to be more focused on the things we love. Maybe throw in a bar of Cadburys too though – life is about balance after all. What better present is there than that!

4. Hobby books

I have put these books under ‘hobby books’ as although you can learn from them, they are not textbooks in the traditional sense of the word. Graphic Design Rules is a great book for newbie web developers or designers. It is interesting to read with short and easy to digest sections on the basics of design. Code by Charles Petzold is about how technology and communication as we know it came to fruition.

5. A personal notebook and pens

As wonderful as technology is, sometimes you can’t beat writing things down. A lovely notebook and pen set can be used to organise thoughts and ideas when you need a break from the computer. It also adds a more homely feel to any desk space and can be personalised to whoever you are buying for. Anything from a classic leather notebook and pen, to something covered in unicorns and kittens. My personal favourites are these Coral and Sky Blue graph paper notebooks from Papermash.

6. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Whether at home or on the go you need to be able to concentrate when trying to solve a coding problem (or any problem for that matter). A good quality pair of headphones can work wonders for this. Whether to sit in a relaxing silence or listen to my awesome festive work playlist. Noise cancelling headphones can create a lovely work bubble. A present to go along with the Spotify subscription if you are feeling generous!

7. Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

This would be a useful gift for anyone you know who works at a computer. Having a mouse and keyboard even with a laptop setup can be so freeing. In a similar way to a monitor, it opens up your workspace so you can take a step back from your screen. Also excellent for posture – no more back problems!

8. Raspberry Pi 3

This is more of a fun/playful gift. Something I have been lucky enough to receive myself and have also gifted to someone (not the same one of course!) Raspberry Pi is a great hands-on introduction to programming. There are endless things you can use it for and once purchased there are hundreds of online tutorials to help you out. If you want to throw in something extra, you can also purchase accessories such as mini keyboard input/output modules, lights and arcade kits. I am still working out how to use mine, but that is half of the fun!

9. Computer Monitor

In every conversation about equipment I have had with an experienced web developer, the first thing they have said is to buy a monitor. Give or take a few individuals there has been a resounding *yes!* to using a dual screen setup. Having thought about it long and hard, I recently bought myself a monitor as a sort of treat/necessary business expense and I can honestly say, It has been one of the best large purchase decisions I have made.

I think it would make a great present for someone special who finds themselves staring at a laptop screen 90% of the time. It has opened up my entire workspace. I not only feel less hunched over but I am working more efficiently too. Having more space for applications is something I didn’t realise I was missing. I now can’t believe I managed so long with just a small laptop screen! I like this HP one as it is so thin it takes up very little room and is great quality at a sensible price.

10. Bonus

Some other notable mentions that I have found since writing this are this cool CMYK colour pin from Present & Correct. These Wooden Rulers and Triangles by HAY and a Dobble Card Game set. Just because its tonnes of fun to play!

Let me know if I have given you any ideas or if you have any more suggestions. I would love to know what gifts you are buying this year!



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