Learning to Code #1 | HTML with Free Printable

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As part of keeping myself accountable whilst I learn how to code, I thought I would do a weekly summary of my progress.

I also thought it might be a nice idea to scan in my summary sheets for each topic as a free printable. In the hopes, it will be a useful resource for any of you reading this who are also learning!

Despite the fact I am teaching myself a purely digital skill, my analogue brain still loves having a sheet of paper to memorise important points and details from my studies. That way even after I have switched off the tech for the evening. I can still absorb important information ready to incorporate into the next day of study. I also have a terrible memory, as I mentioned in this post. Although looking up the code and certain tags/attributes/segments is perfectly acceptable, I don’t want to have to do it every five minutes!

What were my aims for this week?
  • complete HTML section of course
  • complete HTML chapters of the textbook
  • build a basic website using what I have learnt
  • write up a summary sheet/printable
  • rewrite notes up neatly
  • practice some extra code
  • extra reading online and find useful resources
Have I managed to achieve this?

Yes, though it has taken me a little longer to get the printable done than I would have liked. Every little helps, though.

I didn’t consider the scanners border aspect when I wrote up my summary notes for the week, so It isn’t in the best format. But if you are in the process of learning HTML, or trying to memorise the basic rules and elements you might find it quite useful and are welcome to print it out and use it here.

I have managed to build a basic website and have started adding styles to it as I learn CSS this week. Slowly but surely I am building up a bank of resources and blogs that I enjoy reading on web development. I have also created a separate bookmarks folder for useful tools I may need when writing code.

One thing I’ve noticed, is the lack of women run coding blogs. Especially compared to how many are written by men. I have followed the few I have found and am enjoying reading, but if any of you know of any more that I could have a read of I would love it if you could point me in the right direction.

What have I found most interesting this week?

I think the stand out thing for me with HTML, is how easy it is to get completely absorbed. It isn’t the hardest thing to pick up and I know it will get harder the more I get into coding. The way you can get carried away and want to do more and more with the basic tools/skills you have makes it really exciting. I can’t wait to get my teeth stuck into CSS this week to add some more design to my practice sites. I’m excited to work on making my site more responsive with javascript in the next couple of weeks too.

I love how each new topic just builds on the last and you continue layering them.

My favourite bit about HTML has been exploring tag attributes and their values.  HTML tags themselves are fairly simple, but when you start adding attributes it opens a whole new world. Particularly the class and id attributes which allow you to pull elements from your code. You can then add styles or interactivity to them further down the line.

All in all a pretty good first week!

Code goals for next week.

Below I have listed everything I would like to achieve in the week coming up.

  • complete the CSS3 section of my course, lectures 44-82 (short lectures!)
  • finish reading my book on CSS3 chapters 10 to 19
  • start a project to build my portfolio and improve my design skills
  • a summary sheet for CSS3 that can become a printable
  • continue to layer code onto my ongoing website project.
  • share my web development plan here on the blog.
Feeling good about how much I have done this week, especially given the adjustment to full-time learning.
I will be sharing my tips on how I am managing to stay motivated in the next few weeks.
If you are learning a new skill, coding or otherwise I would love to hear about your progress. For the different ways to contact me, you can follow this link here.


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