A Festive Lyric-Free Playlist for Work and Study


Oh, the festive season. Everyone getting into the spirit of Christmas, whilst you stare at your laptop trying to finish some work at 1 am!

One of the most frustrating things about coding or writing for extended periods of time is finding something to listen to. It is rare that I can happily work in complete silence. When you get so used to the buzz of music, a tv show or just our colleagues talking around us that silence alone can be off-putting.

Working from home, music and tv becomes more of a distraction than something to keep you focused. I have fallen down many a Netflix black hole doing just this. When there is no-one to keep you accountable, the familiar hum of ‘Friends’ in the background can quickly turn into actively watching a full season.

The way around this is often lyric free or instrumental playlists. They provide a comforting environment to work in and are less distracting. I am definitely not talking lift music here though.

There are various playlists on Spotify that I absolutely love for this. There is something for every mood, whether it’s deep focus (link) or a lovely classical playlist.(link).

That being said, I recently struck a very festive (and probably subjective) problem. Christmas music! How do you get into the festive spirit and listen to all of the classic Christmas songs, without getting pulled away from work. I just end up singing along instead – you can’t pretend this doesn’t happen!

Well, I went and made a festive playlist, didn’t I…

I scoured Spotify (which to be frank was total procrastination) for instrumental versions of all of the best festive tunes and popped them all into one magical playlist.

Originally, I shared this in one of my favourite Facebook Groups (Women Know Tech) and the response was pretty good. I figured I would make a blog post about it. Just in case any of my fellow freelancers out there are missing Christmas tunes!

So without further ado, here is a Festive Christmas Work Playlist for you to enjoy. I will continue adding to it when I find new songs. Any requests are welcome too!

If you have any great playlists that you find helpful whilst working and studying I am always open to new suggestions!


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