10 Shows on Netflix (for when you actually need to procrastinate)

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We spend most of our time talking about how not to procrastinate. How to be more productive and get sh*t done.  We also probably spend a large amount of time procrastinating by researching all of these things. For example, this amazing article. Sometimes procrastination can be a good thing though. Now I’m not suggesting you spend 5 hours a day staring at Netflix/Youtube/your cat, but sometimes a break can do you good. If you have been wrapped up in something for hours, or you have been writing a serious piece and using a lot of your brain power for long periods of time, it is probably time for a break.

Even if you feel like you haven’t got anywhere, staring at the code you are trying to fix, is still using your brain, even if it hasn’t solved the problem. By all means, take a step away, go for a walk and do some exercise. If you feel you can tackle your project again, then it was probably all you needed. Sometimes though it just isn’t enough. You need to switch off and let your brain wander onto something else, in order for something to click.

I am giving you permission to procrastinate, a free pass to some well-deserved brain relaxation. Ranging from easy watching, cartoons and chick flicks, to documentaries that provoke a new perspective. These are my top 10 Netflix shows to reset your brain and get you refreshed to go back to work. Or even to completely switch off after a long day.

The documentaries:

A documentary about snowboarding, this is completely addictive. It terrifies me every time I watch it, but I find it fascinating just how differently some people choose to live their lives. Even if you don’t fancy throwing yourself vertically down a snowy mountain anytime soon, it is an inspiring film to watch for any aspect of life.


David Attenborough, what’s not to love?  But if you’ve been staring at a computer all day, it is sometimes nice to remember that we are part of a much bigger world. This is probably one of my all time favourite BBC and Attenbourgh documentaries. It is beautifully shot and you will almost certainly learn something you didn’t know before. But if Life isn’t for you, he has done many others. Blue Planet is also great.


Another really interesting documentary. Minimalism has become hugely popular in the last couple of years. Although I don’t think I have got it in me to be a true ‘Minimalist’, there is no harm in applying some of the fundamental principles it teaches.

Accidental Courtesy

This is an incredibly thought-provoking film. Whatever your opinions are on it, it certainly gives you a lot to think about. I feel that it simultaneously made me horrified at just how disillusioned the human mind can become but also hope that individuals opening dialogue on important issues will help in the future.

The Dramas:
Mad Men

This is a recent find of mine, and by find I mean, I finally got around to watching it after all of the hype. I’m only on Season 1 Episode 7 but I am hooked (no spoilers please). I feel like despite thoroughly enjoying this I am not as inclined to binge watch it as the episodes are 50 mins long. It’s a great escape into another world, and although fictional, it is very interesting to see how far social dynamics have come in the last 50 years. Though obviously not far enough.

The People vs OJ

I was too young to really be aware of the OJ Simpson case as it was happening. I think I was about two years old when it was unfolding on the news. Despite this being only one version of events (of which there appear to be many) this is a great drama in its own right. It also made me do my own research on the case to find out the information myself. I think any show that encourages you to look into the story further is worth watching.


Okay, so I did binge watch this one. It’s an interesting account of how the (now famous) Nasty Gal brand came to be. There has been quite a bit of bad press around the series, as expectations were pretty high. I understand the points that these individuals are making, and do agree with some of them. As I approached the show as something new that is very loosely based on the true account, I honestly just found it a fun show to watch. I think it is worth watching as a new series in its own right. I don’t think it relates terribly well to the #GIRLBOSS book which I have also read, but I do think it is something you should give a try and make your own mind up on.

The Classics ( aka shows to really procrastinate with):
Gilmore Girls

I can’t avoid mentioning this really. Replacing Friends as my comforting background tv show (and I love friends). If you are pottering around the house, doing some drawing, setting up your diary for the week etc. Gilmore Girls is perfect. Only if you have watched and absorbed all 7 seasons from start to finish first though or you will just get drawn in, instead of focusing on the task at hand. Sad as it is, this is one of my favourite tv shows of all time. It is simple, has brilliant dialogue and about ten pop culture references in every sentence. Watch it and you will not regret it (unless you end up 6 seasons deep and realise you haven’t eaten in 3 days!)

Rick and Morty

If you literally want to escape earth for 20 mins this is the show for you. There is nothing relatable to throw you off as it is completely mad, but that is what makes it so good. It gets you out of your head and into another world. I’d love to just spend a day in the thoughts of the guys that produce this show. I don’t think I have had as many ideas in my life as they do for one episode. I actually didn’t really enjoy Rick and Morty when I was first introduced to it, but give it a chance and I guarantee you will be hooked.


If you’re feeling a throwback and want to be enveloped in nostalgia then you can’t go wrong with Anastasia. Better than any Disney film in my (humble) opinion, plus they are making it into a musical! My bitter old twisted heart did a happy dance when I heard that news. It’s always the strangest things!

Let me know if you end up watching something new on Netflix, or if any of these are already in your top ten. What do you do when you actually need to procrastinate and take a break?

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