Too Much Too Young, Not Enough Too Old

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 That’s the dilemma, isn’t it? The endless debate online. Go out and fulfil your potential, live your dreams, quit your job, live in the moment, you only live once…

…relax, take it easy, slow down, enjoy life, good things come to those who wait, you have to work for what you want, it takes time and practice, what is your 5-year plan?

 It’s enough to make you lay awake at night – which ironically is one way to really let life pass you by.

 We spend so much time reading about other people’s opinions on the matter – as you are doing now! – that we rarely take a step back to think about what we want. It might look similar to what these endless articles, speeches, poems and videos are talking about, but I can guarantee that it will not be identical. No two people are identical, so how can their dreams, goals and expectations be? They might want to end up in the same location, same ‘milestones’, same income. But the way they get there will be completely different. One of them might change their mind on the way and go in a completely different direction. One of them may listen to what those closest to them expect them to do and the other may not – again leading them down different, but not necessarily bad paths.

 The extent to which different individuals take on the influences of external factors is well, individual. I know that for me personally, my families opinion matters hugely. Not because they are pushy or expect me to go down any particular path, but because they have worked hard to provide for me in the best way they can and I don’t want to throw that back in their faces. It is a burden I have put on myself, though, as they just want me to be happy – which I guess is all you can ask for.

 I then have friends who are just as close with their folks who wouldn’t for a second take on board their opinions about how they should run their life – it doesn’t mean they love their family any less – they are just not affected by it in the same way.

 Some people care hugely what strangers think, they project their best self at all times all over social media in order to give the best impression possible, others just don’t give a sh*t.

 I guess this is a much more elaborate way of saying that you cannot compare yourself to others, take inspiration from them yes, learn from their mistakes, maybe – though it is probably best to try it for yourself and learn from your own. No path is the same just like no two people are the same. It’s time to reflect on what you want to do. Be honest with yourself, even if that honesty leads to some things that may not be so pleasant and Instagram worthy. In the end, though, it will be worth it – as you will be approaching life in a way that is well and truly unique.

This blog is about me, finally taking my own advice.


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