My top 5 female tech blogs (and why you should read them)

female tech blogs

Spending most of my time blogging and or studying, I have begun to notice how difficult it is to find women writing about web development or the tech industry in general. Now they are definitely out there. But it isn’t as prevalent as say, the beauty blogging industry (another sphere I’m very familiar with and also enjoy) which are a dime a dozen. Over the past few months, I have discovered some really great female driven tech blogs that are absolutely worth a read. The women behind them are all amazing in their own right and their journeys are helping me to push through some of the harder aspects of learning to code! These are my top 5 female tech blogs worth reading.

1. </Code Girl Code>

Holy of </codegirlcode> is a one woman powerhouse. Not only does she run a fantastic blog full of useful resources, interviews and tech articles, she is also the founder of UNTOUCHD magazine. A recent find of mine, UNTOUCHD Mag is essentially a free, downloadable lifestyle magazine for women in tech. It is wonderful and I absolutely love the principles behind the work that holy is doing. I can’t wait to see what more she has in store for us. I have a more in-depth review of UNTOUCHD Mag coming soon but I would definitely take a look in the meantime. She has recently released the second issue too so alongside her blog, there is plenty of content for you to devour.

2. Laura Medalia

Laura aka @codergirl_ describes herself as a  full stack software engineer working at a startup in NYC sharing her love of coding and fashion. Not only does she have an incredibly inspiring blog and (let’s be honest) beautiful Instagram feed, she has also created a line of t-shirts aimed at women working in STEM. Think fun slogans written in syntax. Her latest post – an interview with one of her colleagues Carly – has given me a lot more ideas to ponder, plus a few new blogs to read. She also looks great in red lipstick which I am very envious of!

3. Estefannie

Fun, entertaining and an all round interesting Youtube channel, Estefannie creates awesome tech content. One of my favourite videos is actually her most recent, where she teaches her niece and nephew how to code a game. It is adorable, charming and very funny. Great ‘useful procrastination’ content too. I feel like I can get distracted for a little while watching her build things but it’s not so distant from what I should be doing aka ‘cute babies/cats/general things of the internet’ to make me feel too bad about it. Like I needed another excuse!

4. Girl Knows Tech

Marie’s blog is full of everything from blogging tips, to articles about women in tech, to interviews and really useful techy bits and bobs. She has even interviewed holy from </codegirlcode>. I go to Marie’s blog when I’m feeling uninspired and need a boost. She has a lovely writing style and conveys her tips and tricks really clearly. I particularly enjoyed her 6 Blogging Tools I Can’t Live Without post. Aside from preferring to use Buffer over HootSuite, I have taken her advice on all of them.

5. Women Who Code

Women who code is a global non-profit group, inspiring women to get into tech fields. This is more of a professional blog full of interviews and information on everything from internships to protecting your rights at work. It is full of posts about real women talking about their careers in tech, which I feel we need much more of.

One to watch:

The Yogi Coder

Though the Yogi Coder hasn’t written an enormous amount of posts yet, her current content is really engaging. Like myself, she is in the process of teaching herself how to code. She has a fab Instagram @theyogicoder too where she posts a lot more regularly. I have a soft spot for anyone who loves yoga and coding as it is something I can certainly appreciate. Her yoga handstands are something I aspire to – maybe one day in the very distant future! She also has over 16k followers, so clearly I’m not the only one!

One of the best things about all of these women is that they are defying stereotypes and expressing their many different interests other than coding. Coding is a part of who they are, but so are many other different things. They share their love of everything from javascript to yoga to lipstick. Which is something I feel a lot of us can relate to?

I am always on the lookout for new blogs to read and I’m sure there are many I haven’t yet discovered. I would love it if you could point me in the direction of more by sending me some suggestions @lucylouminous on Twitter.



  1. Thank you, Lucy!
    It is such an honour to be featured on Louminous! I am so happy that you’ve found UNTOUCHD Magazine, and it has been of help! I would love to hear more about your journey, and goals! It’s great to connect with other like-minded! YAY for more women in tech! Enjoy your journey!! <3

    I am rooting for you! Don't hesitate to reach/contact me anytime! 🙂 I'm here for you!

  2. Hey Lucy! I just came across your blog from GirlKnowsTech. I love the way you write, your very witty and after reading your ‘About Me’ page I had to subscribe. As a fellow ‘accidental’ Retail Worker who is teaching herself Data Science and about to launch a Blog (eeek!) we have to stick together! 😉

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