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If you read last weeks post on my top 5 female tech blogs. You will have already heard about Holy and her recent launch of a new quarterly magazine aimed at women working in tech. Today I thought I would go a little more in-depth and do a review of UNTOUCHD mag and why I think every woman –  not just those in tech – should read it.

The top 5 reasons you should read UNTOUCHD:

As well as the beautiful photography, inspiring quotes and a cool modern and easy to navigate design, these are some of the best things for me about UNTOUCHD:

1. They have a mix of everything.

Just because women are into tech, doesn’t mean they are only into tech. Everyone has their own variety of interests and UNTOUCHD  hits the nail on the head when it comes to this variation. It is basically everything I normally crave in a lifestyle magazine but had not yet found. They have taken a women’s health, mindfulness/yoga, entrepreneurship, recipe and tech magazine and turned it all into one. If I want to read about how an awesome entrepreneur had her winning idea and made it happen, or if I want a recipe that will fuel me through long days of coding. I can do that. I hope that the larger their audience becomes and the more issues they release, this wonderful array of topics will only get better.

2. They promote small and local business.

From designers selling awesome tech related art to start-ups selling t-shirts about equality in the workplace. The first two issues are chock full of small business ventures.

3. They encourage young women/girls in tech.

This goes without saying really, but a huge percentage of the content is about amazing things that women are achieving in the tech industry. There are, of course, some awesome men featured too, but it’s so refreshing to see so many female-led startups and success stories front and centre.

4. They have actionable information.

Aside from all of the interviews, recipes and case studies, they also have some really useful tips and tricks. From increasing your day to day productivity or negotiating skills for earning your worth. Things that are relevant to the reader and will help them to succeed in whatever field they want. Although it is a magazine aimed at women working in tech, I think it would benefit you regardless of industry. There is so much useful and interesting information. A particular favourite of mine is the ‘How to Re-invent yourself in your late 20s’ piece from issue 01. Something I can really relate too, despite being in my early 20s!

5. They make you feel less alone in your journey.

Relatable women and loads of career insights and advice. The knowledge that everyone starts somewhere and by using interviews with awesome people within the industry we can inspire more women to do so. It is also really interesting reading about the diversity in career paths, that led many of the women featured to where they are today.

With a wealth of quality content in the first two issues alone, I couldn’t possibly cover everything but here are some of my favourite articles (aside those already mentioned) if you need somewhere to begin:

  • The Benefits of Open Source by Chris Oliver
  • How to Trust Yourself, and Kick Start your Business by Leanne Dickenson
  • It’s Time to Blossom, and Leave the Fear Behind by Murphy Trueman
  • Why I Invested in My Creativity by Aylin Marie
  • One Click Into Tech by Rachel Henke

Let me know which articles stood out for you and why, as I would love re-read them from a new perspective.

You can download Untouchd Mag here.

Their Instagram is @untouchdmag and you can also follow their Editor in Chief Holy @codegirlcode

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I have a huge amount of admiration for what Holy and her collaborators are working on and achieving. I’m sure they would love your comments and feedback if you have any.

I know I can’t wait to read the next issue!


  1. I never knew about this and as a women aspiring to go into the tech industry it might be worth looking into. Thanks for bringing my attention to it.

    1. I’m so pleased I brought it to your attention. They are doing amazing things and I feel like I happened to stumble upon the magazine at the perfect time in my life. Let me know how your journey into tech goes! xx

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