Useful Social Media Tools and Apps

useful social media tools

Using social media to promote your business, your blog, or even just for staying on top of the latest news and trends can get very time-consuming.

One of the most popular things to do to save time is schedule tweets and social outreach for your, whilst maintaining live and organic tweets about day to day reactions and commentary. I personally have found this the best way. You maintain a steady flow of promotional content, but maintain the personal and relevant feel of your social feeds. It also prevents the temptation to spam every new thing that you have done all over Twitter and Facebook every time you get a chance to be online. This way it all spreads out nicely. Your readers don’t get annoyed but you also don’t fall off the face of the internet either. There is more consistency in your posting and you get the chance to reach more people than you would normally – due to different time zones.

There are a lot of social media tools available to help take the strain out of posting regularly, whilst still maintaining an authentic voice. These are some of the ones I use on a weekly basis.

My most used social media tools:

I use Buffer the most regularly out of all of these. Around 3-4 times a week. It is particularly useful for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Although I don’t tend to schedule Instagram posts as much due to the fact you still have to approve them. I may as well just post these organically. You can set a time schedule for when you would like to post and you can dual post on all of your platforms if you wish. Each social timeline can be seperately customised. You can then upload photos, shorten links and even rebuffer old posts that performed well.

Tailwind Scheduler

I prefer to use tailwind for Pinterest as they also have something called tailwind tribes, this is a way of reaching far more people a little like Pinterest group boards.

Also, they let you pin hundreds of images a day, which really aids in filling your Pinterest boards with useful and relevant information, making it more likely for others to find your profile and therefore your blog or website content too. Simply spend an hour or so a week scheduling relevant pins to your boards and tribes. It places them all on the relevant boards and really helps to boost your website traffic. The main reason for this is that regular posting leads to more Pinterest profile views. The mote profile views you get, the more likely visitors are to see your website specific pins and follow them. This leads to more page views an higher engagement. Which is pretty cool for just a few hours a week. They do also have an Instagram feature currently in beta, which is worth looking into as a buffer alternative!

You can get a one month free trial of Tailwind Plus if you use my referral link.

IFTTT (If This Then That)

This is a way of automating your content. IFTTT is really good for things like posting your Instagram photos to Twitter, as an actual photo rather than a link. Or posting things to multiple platforms. It is worth having an explore of the different applets they have, as you may find something useful that you have been trying to set up for a while. It essentially sets up different conditions based on actions you take and can link different platforms you otherwise wouldn’t have thought to automate.

Google Calendar

This is a bit of a no-brainer, but when it comes to social scheduling, using a digital calendar is often best.
I prefer to use google and sync it to the calendar on my computer. This way it is much easier to move things around and check what social needs to go live on which days, plus it syncs across my devices, so it is easy to use on both phone and desktop. Marie from Girl Knows Tech did a great detailed article on how to schedule tweets using this method too. I would highly recommend giving her article (and blog!) a read.

Adobe Spark

This is a recent discovery of mine but adobe spark is great for creating beautiful social media graphics and quotes. Have you ever seen those professional Instagram feeds? The ones that seem so consistent and always have the on brand quote pictures and promotional content? This is essentially what Adobe Spark helps you with. You can have different styles and presets that make your graphics look consistent across your platforms. It also has automatic selection of sizes for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. It can be a bit tricky to wrap your head around the actual toolbar and controls, but once you do, you’ll have inspiring graphics in no time.

Pic Monkey

I have been using Pic Monkey to edit my photos for the blog and social media for years now. Adjusting the brightness, colour and generally perfecting the photo quality before it goes into canva or adobe spark. It is a really simple tool and only costs a few pounds a month to use. I have had so much use of it over the years and if you are just starting out with photo editing it is just the right side of professional. Great results but very easy to use. That being said, however, I will be moving over to Photoshop in the new year as my skills in this area improve.


Like Adobe Spark, Canva is another great tool for social media graphics. It has a free and paid version and so far the free version has worked really well for me. There are lots of options available and as long as you know how to resize an image, you won’t feel the need to buy premium. The only issue I find with the free version is that it doesn’t seem to have very high image quality once you download from their site. It is still a good enough quality for screens though. If you were to use it for much larger print projects, you would probably need to upgrade. I am currently using Canva for all of my pinnable images.

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Do you have any favourite social media tools or apps you can recommend? Or even any blog posts would be great, I would love to hear about them.

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