Web Development Study Schedule

bullet journal with study calendar for web development

I decided to set out a Web Development study calendar in my bullet journal. As I like to track things and have a plan for what I want to get done. It tends to be a good way to keep me motivated. When you are studying alone and teaching yourself using multiple resources, everything can get a little hectic and overwhelming. Although it took a little while for me to break everything down into what I could reasonably achieve in the timeframe I have, it is already making it easier to plan each day out effectively.

I wanted to have a calendar that spread across two months, so I could see at a glance where I want to be and how much of my course I have left to do. It helps to put everything into perspective. Preventing me from getting lazy and skipping a day! I have also assigned myself “days off”. These are flexible as I can take them where I like, but its more for a rough idea of how many I can reasonably have, without a) falling behind and b) going stir crazy sat inside.

The layout started very simply with just the title and the months written on the side. As I started adding in content, I wanted a way to track each section of the course as well. That way I could ‘tick’ these topics as I went, further breaking it down into more manageable chunks of learning.

In the photo, you can just about see that written vertically down each side of the days I’m working, is the general topic e.g HTML, Javascript, Bootstrap. I then highlighted these in alternating colours with my Tombow Dual Brushpens* in order to be able to distinguish the next topic at a glance.

Tombow Colours Used:
  • 243
  • 533
  • 723
  • 090

So far, I am finding this really helpful. Each Sunday when I lay out my schedule for the week ahead, I simply refer back to my plan for web development and make sure I incorporate everything I have to do into my weekly and daily pages.

As I progress through my studies, I will be building up a resource library under the Templates tab. It will be a mixture of my summary notes as well as links to useful websites/tools to use. My first summary post went up recently. If you are interested you can find it here.

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