Yoga Revolution

A bullet journal spread of a yoga with Adriene challenge tracker plus tombow brush pens
I have always loved the idea of yoga. From the impressive poses to the ways in which it can improve both the body and the mind.

A lot of these ideas were fuelled by seeing an endless stream of beautiful woman (and men) in various states of bendiness, posing in front of scenic back drops on Instagram – don’t tell me you don’t follow at least one yoga account. I tried multiple times to give it a go myself, often collapsing in a hot sweaty (and certainly not beautiful) mess.

The closest I ever got to truly enjoying yoga was when I went to a class at my Uni gym in the middle of exams. I couldn’t touch my toes before the hour began and by the time I left I felt super flexible, but was also bright red in the face. It felt so great that I didn’t care about that though.

The moment I decided to let go of worrying how I looked, or if I could achieve a perfect pose was the moment I started to truly enjoy yoga.

A huge part of this is down to Adriene, a wonderfully witty and down to earth yoga teacher/actress from Texas. Teaching on YouTube to reach a much wider audience with her #findwhatfeelsgood philosophy- and I am so pleased that she did! I have been following Adriene’s channel for a good few years now and she is honestly the loveliest yoga teacher I could ask for – in the comfort of my own home. She is hugely popular these days and I am sure you have heard of her, but if not you are doing yourself a disservice! I’ve told pretty much everyone I know about her videos. Check out her Yoga For Beginners series and tell me it doesn’t hugely improve your state of mind!

In the last couple of years Adriene has introduced three, month-long challenges to encourage her subscribers to attempt a consistent yoga practice and take care of themselves. I tried the first two (30 Days of Yoga and Yoga Camp) without success, as I have a tendency to be flaky and generally bad at committing to looking after myself.

This year was going to be different.

With  the New Year came a new 31 day challenge, Yoga Revolution and I was determined to see the whole thing through. Not only to prove to myself that I can exercise consistently, but also that I can commit to something – even if it is hard.

I keep saying I want to become a Web Developer and I want to work for myself, own my own business. But how can I even begin to think of doing something so big, if  I cant commit to just one month of self-care?

So I began. Then I did a little more, then a little more, and before I knew it 2 weeks had gone by! Probably the longest stretch of time I have ever exercised for. So naturally, I decided to create a bullet journal spread to encourage myself to keep going. Though in all honesty, the boost from having a routine that I dedicated myself to and the physical and mental benefits of the yoga itself, was enough to make me carry on.

When I hit the 31 day mark and sat down after my final yoga session I cried. A mixture of happy and sad tears. Happy because I completed something for myself that I set out to achieve but equally sad because its taken me about 10 years to do it.

So aside from the improved posture, tone, flexibility and strength I now have. The best thing to come out of Yoga Revolution for me, is the confidence. Cheesy as it sounds, completing this was the proof I needed for myself that if I really truly want to do something  then I’m going to go out and bloody well do it. You should too!




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